Spring 2020

Where have I been hiding...?
How quickly time goes.... I fell asleep in the chair in 2014 and woke up to find it is a lockdown in 2020!

Actually, 2019 went relatively well and I had some quite successful exhibitions.

I thought I had set myself up quite nicely for 2020, and had almost got my ducks in a row with plans for Masham, Harlow Carr and accepted for EWA (Exhibition of Wildlife Artists) in Cheshire, and now Corona Virus has put paid to all of it, with most things cancelled until further notice. Hopefully we will soon be back on track.

It's not practical to work from my studio, as it isn't at home but in Saltburn by the Sea. Still I must use my time positively and create new work (and update my website!)

Watch this space for new developments...